Maaza 1L Tetra + 33cl Sleek Can High Res images

Click on the images below to download the high res file.

Maaza 33cl Sleek Can

Maaza_CAN_33cl_2015-guava-PACKSHOT-ZONDERSPIEGEL-small Maaza_CAN_33cl_2015-tropical-PACKSHOT-ZONDERSPIEGEL-small Maaza_CAN_33cl_2015-mango-PACKSHOT-ZONDERSPIEGEL-small

For all flavors of Maaza 1L Tetra in high res click here.

Maaza Line up 1L Tetra Edge


Maaza Mango 1L Tetra frontview     Maaza Mango 1L Tetra angled view

Maaza Mango 1L Tetra (front view)                    Maaza Mango 1L Tetra (angeled view)

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