About us

Infra Foodbrands designs, produces, distributes and markets a range of beverages. Among its registered trademarks are Maaza, The Tropical Fruit Drink ; FIX, from pure coconut water, Sunland Quality juices and Limondaine de frisdrank zonder prik. Products are offered in a wide range of package forms such as glass and PET bottles, cartons and beverage cans and are all supported by marketing- and promotional support programs.

Often ahead of trends, Infra Foodbrands is known for its eye to detail, creating long lasting niche beverage brands. Proud of what we have accomplished, we are always on the lookout for new ventures.


Since its founding in 1991 by Frank Sanders, Infra Foodbrands BV has tremendously grown from a one-product brand into an intercontinental producer and supplier of several fruit drinks. Starting with Maaza, with only one flavor and package (Maaza Mango), Infra Foodbrands BV succeded to establish an international brand with a complete product range of at least 10 different flavors in 7 different types of package forms, including PET bottles, cartons and beverage cans. Further Infra Foodbrands aquired or created during the years other brands such as Limondaine, Fix, Sunland or recently Sirco.

Besides these advantages, the main factor that led to the success of Infra Foodbrands BV, is the obligation to only source the very best fruit purees from all over the world and use state of the art production facilities in the Netherlands and Belgium. Of course Infra Foodbrands BV is certified by the BRC global standard for food safety and meets all HACCP requirements. Also, through recent investments in water recycling and energy installations, Infra Foodbrands BV managed to save 43% in CO2 emissions and 60% in electricity usage.


Thanks to the great location near the port of Rotterdam and various special Customs licenses, Infra Foodbrands BV has been able to distribute its products through a network of distributors, wholesalers and retailers in Europe, West Africa, North America and the Caribbean.

We are currently working with around 52 countries around the world, if you would like more information about it or if you are interested to become a distributor yourself please don’t hesitate to contact us