''We will be done between 9 and 5, not between 5 and 9''

Limondaine | refreshing and honest lemonades

Limondaine is an authentic brand with a proven position in retail in The Netherlands.


The assortment consists of three classical flavors; Orange, Lemon and Forest Fruit. These refreshing, non-carbonated flavors have remained unchanged over the years. The niche of non-sparkling, direct drinkable lemonade is filled by Limondaine, as it is an honest, no-frills brand, with value for money and bottled in an eye-catching bottle.


Infra Foodbrands will use its international network of distributors to expand in new markets.

Maaza | The Tropical Fruit drink


Maaza, the Hindi word for 'enjoy', is the world’s largest brand in tropical fruit drinks. 


Maaza, The Tropical Fruitdrink, is made from natural, single strength fruit purees and contain no preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. Characterized by high fruit percentages, multiple packing forms, superior quality in 10 delicious flavors. 


Today Maaza can truly be called a ‘Global Brand’. No other brand offers such a wide product range in the tropical fruit drinks segment of the market.

Fix | From pure coconut water


FIX, made from 100% natural coconut water, with a touch of lemon.


• Restores body hydration balance

• After work, travel and effort

• Fewer calories than any fruit juice

• Mineral balance similar to your body fluids


FiX contains naturally occurring electrolytes, such as potassium, a high value of Vitamin C, and Kinetin. FIX is also hypo-allergenic, gluten free, cholesterol and preservative-free meeting today's customer demand for more natural products.






Sunland | 100% Quality Juices


The Sunland area, located in California, is the birthplace of the Sunland brand. Since 1893 independent growers have produced a great quality of citrus fruits under the Sunland brand.


Sunland Quality Juices are packed on high-speed production lines in Belgium. From there Sunland Quality Juices are shipped worldwide.


Sunland Quality Juices are made from 100% juice and contain the best, most carefully selected fruits. No preservatives or artificial colors are added.